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Bu is a Great Horned Owl and one of our Educational Birds. He is an adult male, and weighs about two pounds, with a wingspan of forty-eight inches and a length of twenty-three inches.Bu was found out of the nest as a nestling in March of 1999 in Billings, Montana. He was imprinted by his human caretakers. When a bird is imprinted, he cannot be successfully released back to the wild, because as the owl matures and looks for food or a mate, it may choose a human. Bu was transferred to MRCC in August of 1999 to become an ambassador for his species.

Male and female Great Horned Owl plumage are very similar; however,the overall size, behavior and vocalizations can assist in differentiation of the sexes.

Great Horned Owls begin nesting in February and often use stick nests made by other birds, such as hawks, crows and herons. They also use tree hollows, cliff cavities, or broken-topped snags. Two to three eggs are laid each year and incubated for 30-35 days. Nestlings are cared for by both parents and fledge when they are nine to ten weeks old.

Great Horned Owls have large, yellow eyes to help bring in as much light as possible at night. Because their eyes are fixed in the sockets, they must turn their heads to look for predators or prey. Owls can turn their heads two hundred seventy degrees, or about three quarters of the way around.